Music Lessons & Classes

Private Music Lessons

Why take music lessons at Feedback School of Music?

Members of Feedback School Of Music staff are professional, college-educated musicians with decades of experience in performance, recording, and instruction at all levels. We operate in a safe, clean, and bully-free environment. We also strive to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion for a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment. All Feedback instructors focus on fundamentals which translates to success for any level of playing or any style of music. While you’re practicing your scales, chords, and rudiments, we’ll show you how these fundamentals apply to music, from classical to your favorite modern-day playlist. Whether you are just getting started, or an experienced player ready for a deep dive, with options ranging from 30-90 minute lessons, Feedback has the perfect fit for you. Not only will you learn the language of music, but you’ll have fun doing it!

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar instructors take an individualized approach to instruction that will take your playing to new heights!  We take your goals and use a mixture of theory, technique and practical application that will increase your skills, and you will have a great time while you do it. From beginner to advanced, Feedback is the place for you to #GrowYourSound on the guitar.

Bass Lessons

Learning bass is all about groove and rhythm. The Feedback approach to teaching the bass is to get the student playing songs that speak to them! Using those songs, and a variety of exercises, we will expand upon the theory and techniques needed to perfect the bassist role like slapping, popping, and everything in between. You’ll learn how to read bass clef music as well. Feedback instructors will help you take your bass playing to the front of the pack!

Drum Lessons

Want to learn how to play the drumset but not sure where to start? Well, stop wondering because our expert drum instructors have been in the business of teaching drummers of all skill levels for over 30 years. Learn the fundamental rudiments, advanced grooves, odd time signatures, rockin’ fills, and even how to build a perfect drum solo.

Piano Lessons

Have fun playing the piano!  You will never get bored with piano lessons from Feedback.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our instructors can raise your playing to exciting new levels.  We also focus on use of electronic keyboards and synths for those that want to bring their sound into the 21st Century!

Voice / Vocal Lessons

Singing is as unique as the singer themself. Our approach to vocals is to first find songs that the student likes to sing and then use those songs to work on tone quality, pitch, ear training, and breath control. We’ll also teach you how to read sheet music for choral or soloist singing. Whether you sing for yourself or for a living, Feedback will have you hitting all the high notes.

Violin Lessons

The violin is such a beautiful and soulful instrument and whether you are a 1st-year orchestra student or a budding professional, Feedback can help provide you the advantage you need to play your very best. You will learn how to hold the instrument, properly bow, and then begin to learn where notes are. Feedback students then move on to reading music using songbooks and exercises, eventually graduating to playing complex solo pieces.

Ukulele Lessons

Would you like to strum along with your favorite song or solo like a pro? If so, Feedback instructors will put you on the road to musical fulfillment.  Uke also is an excellent 1st instrument for young children.  Mom’s and Dad’s can learn it, too!

Songwriting Lessons

“How can I write a song?”
We can show you how! From putting together a simple melody to arranging for a major production, Feedback can show you how to make your own music in a fun, professional environment.

Studio Lessons

Learn how to record like a pro with the help of our qualified instructors.  Whether you want to build beats or learn how to mic a guitar cab, we have you covered. We’ll take you from studio basics to mixing and mastering like a pro.  45 min minimum times for private lessons.

Studio Time

Feedback studios offers state of the art facilities and professional staff to take your music to the next level! We offer Pro Tools, Logic and Reaper as platforms, and have updated our plug-ins for hundreds of sonic options.  Whether you want to record live or build tracks and beats, Feedback Studios can get the project done.  Call or email for pricing and availability.

Group Classes

Group classes include Kid’s Performance Program, Adult Performance Program, Grow Together (Daytime music program), Open Jam (every other Saturday), and Session Recording. Prices vary, so please call for current pricing.

Kids & Adult Performance Programs (Band)

Improvisation and group playing are an important part of learning any instrument, so we invite students to participate in group workshops on Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and for adults on Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Schedules and times may vary depending on availability.

Recording your band at Feedback School Of Music

Learn how to put out your own music with us!  From recording basics to getting your song on Spotify, Feedback will be there to take your productions to the top!

Jazz Combo

Learn to play jazz in a combo setting. Led by Jazz Studies grad Jacob Henderson, you will learn jazz forms, standards, and explore the art of improvisation. Classes run on 3-month cycles, and finish with a performance at a real venue!


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